Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Instant chat: Top paid A+ Chat for Facebook

A+ Chat for Facebook is out and  works very   well knowing that, now you can talk online on Facebook on your phone. Its instant, quick and reliable for on the walk chats or even in an area with no internet, Blackberry phone can do the job! It works just like any other chat your Blackberry offers and it alerts you once someone has messaged you so you don't have to stay on all the time. Allow Facebook chat and other applications enter the world of Blackberry. Blackberry has become the new social network with tons of applications to help and get around simple software. As with application you can now chat instantly with your online friends, like on your computer. So come let the Blackberry world open your eyes.


  Screenshots : 

A+ Chat for Facebook = Facebook Chat + BlackBerry® Messenger's UI

A+ Chat for Facebook is a light and reliable instant messenger for Facebook Chat. Now, you can chat with your Facebook friends on your BlackBerry®. A+ Chat is designed for BlackBerry® users who are used to BlackBerry® Messenger.
- real-time chat with Facebook friends
- chat history
- popup notification on incoming message when A+ Chat is running on the background
- notification field when chatting with a friend and there is incoming message from other friend
- message delivery status
- chat states, ie displayed status when your friend is typing
- search functionality on friends' names
- profile pictures next to friend's name (please enable from Options page)
- home screen icon notification
- ability to set status to Available or Idle from menu
- font size adjustment from Options page
- autotext-enabled text field
- east asia characters support (only works on compatible OS)
- auto run on startup
- integrated tones, vibration, and LED notifications to BlackBerry® Options
- auto reconnect on the background if disconnected from Facebook server
- broadcast on Facebook newsfeed and Twitter stream that you are online

For screenshots, go to
If you are an A+ Chat user and has questions, please refer to our FAQ page,
Like A+ Chat Facebook Page at, so that when we have live updates, you can get it from your Facebook's home screen.
Supported Devices          BlackBerry 8100 BlackBerry 8110 BlackBerry 8120 BlackBerry 8130 BlackBerry 8130m BlackBerry 8220 BlackBerry 8230 BlackBerry 8230f BlackBerry 8300 BlackBerry 8310 BlackBerry 8320 BlackBerry 8330 BlackBerry 8330m BlackBerry 8350i BlackBerry 8520 BlackBerry 8530 BlackBerry 8700c BlackBerry 8700f BlackBerry 8700g BlackBerry 8700r BlackBerry 8700v BlackBerry 8703e BlackBerry 8705g BlackBerry 8707g BlackBerry 8707h BlackBerry 8707v BlackBerry 8800 BlackBerry 8820 BlackBerry 8830 BlackBerry 8830m BlackBerry 8900 BlackBerry 8910 BlackBerry 8980 BlackBerry 9000 BlackBerry 9100 BlackBerry 9105 BlackBerry 9300 BlackBerry 9330 BlackBerry 9500 BlackBerry 9520 BlackBerry 9530 BlackBerry 9550 BlackBerry 9630 BlackBerry 9650 BlackBerry 9670 BlackBerry 9700 BlackBerry 9780 BlackBerry 9800 BlackBerry 9900 BlackBerry 9930
Required Device Software 4.5.0 or higher
Supported Countries
All countries except:
Supported Carriers All carriers
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Saturday, 6 June 2020

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

How to design your own Blackberry

These tutorials will help you with designing your own Blackberrys. Each tutorial will show how to do different things along with different phone models. So come on live a little an live in style and with these tutorials to help

you, you surely shouldn't have any problem with changing new cover, key pads and skins. Following the tutorials will get you through you need to know and how to get it done.

Blackberry Curve - How to change the skin its in.

Blackberry Change Trackball Colour.

BlackBerry Curve Cases and BlackBerry Storm Cases.

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Blackberry Messenger Features

Getting started.

How to upload a picture directly to facebook.

How to add a contact by scanning their barcode.

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Blackberry Application World

Please click on the button below to go to the Blackberry Application World :

Blackberry Application World is here for you to get your downloads of games, themes, entertainment and so much more. Ride in style and take a look through the applications to pimp out and modfy your phone

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